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Introsat – a construction set for practical educational classes on space engineering and design for high school and university students

Easy entry

  • Affordable: construction sets and kits from 79 230 RUB.
  • Detailed teaching materials;
  • Ready-to-use solutions for technology/robotics lessons and extracurricular activities.
  • Free courses for educators.

Designed for Education

  • Open architecture - watch, learn and expand!
  • The ability to completely disassemble and reuse equipment;
  • Ability to flexibly approach programs depending on the age of students;
  • A handy base for educational projects in the field of satellite engineering.

Modern technologies

  • CubeSat ultra-small spacecraft industry format;
  • Control based on professional microcontrollers of the STM32 family;
  • Online service for the design and numerical simulation of satellite missions and constellations;
  • Annual experience of stratospheric launches of educational and competitive projects of school teams based on Introsat constructors.

Educational effect

  • Growth of motivation to study from passion for space;
  • Practical application of a wide range of topics in physics and computer science with effective assimilation;
  • Preparing for the National Technological Olympiad and other competitions$
  • Engineering career guidance;
  • Skills for in-demand and high-paying engineering professions.

Introsat constructors are designed and manufactured in Russia.

Wide range of sets for laboratory equipment

Detailed handbooks for teachers

Theory basis

Classes curriculum

Step-by-step instructions

English and Russian editions

Teachers trainings

Helping in educational programms developing



Application in space education

Introsat is the default construciton set for the finals of Satellite systems profile. Team develop a small pacecraft prototype and demonstrate its functionality..

Numerous regional projects camps and shifts use the Introsat construction set to prepare for Planetwatch competition. As part of the finals of the competition, Introsat proved its effectiveness when launching into the stratosphere at a height of 20-30 kilometers.



We are not limited to ready-made solutions

and we give the opportunity to equip the space industry of various scales and profiles,
including with the involvement of our partners' solutions.


Separate constructors and sets of Introsat

  • Affordable prices from 79 230 rubles
  • A wide choice of topics and engineering skills.
  • The ability to consistently and consciously develop your direction.

Online service "Orbita"

  • No space or server hardware required - only internet access
  • The ability to create your own courses and competitions.
  • Data base on astronautics.
  • Licenses for up to 100 students.

Complex Laboratories

  • Ready-to-use solutions for groups of up to 15 students.
  • Additional equipment and storage.
  • Printing materials and teacher training.
  • Special conditions for integrators and large customers.

Sets of various brands and manufacturers

  • All main areas of space education for schoolchildren, including satellite engineering, rocket modeling, receiving and analyzing space data, space robotics, planetariums.
  • The ability to equip a multidisciplinary laboratory.
  • Wide price range

We are happy to answer your questions about purchasing the course, equipping your premises and/or training your teachers:


+7 800 550-0492